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About Us

Moving Shower Carrier invented based on 17 years of experiencing in nursing for his father

Key profile of CEO, Han Young Gwan

  • - (Present) Founder and CEO of HanMaek Medical Co., Ltd.
  • - Former CEO of R&R Medical Co., Ltd.
  • - Former CEO of Korea Ginseng Co., Ltd.
  • - Graduated from Korea University School of law

We, HanMaek Medical Co., Ltd. are a company that pursues human dignity, family love and freedom from diseases and that engages in research and development endlessly to lessen the suffering in families who are taking care of patients and in care workers.

The saying, “A long illness wears out even a filial person” comes from how difficult it is to take care of patients long term. Taking care of patients who are unable to walk, and among it, the bathing problem of the patient and handling the physiological phenomena of the patient are the most dangerous and difficult. In particular, moving the patient to the washroom for a bath frequently leads to patients or guardians and care workers to fall.
However, we have developed the world’s first moving patient shower carrier so that patients who are unable to walk no longer have to move from the bed as they can take showers in beds.

Our moving shower carrier fulfills neat caretaking of patients in bed and allows the guardian or care workers to take care of the patient safely, without using much energy.

HanMaek Medical Co., Ltd. will do its best to play the role of a company that realizes patient’s sanitation and family love and that strives to engage in further researches, ultimately to achieve the cherished dream of mankind. Thank you.

Thank you.

- CEO, executives and employees of HanMaek Medical Co., Ltd. -